Strip Tag Seal Kit 1

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50 bag Strip Tag Seal kit


Remove parts from your project keeping nuts, bolts and fixings together with the relevant components, then place them into one of our extra strong peel and seal bags.  


Complete one of the solvent proof, indestructible tags, listing the parts, where on the project they fit and mark if they need to be replaced, restored, cleaned or are OK to be re-used. Place the tag in the bag with the parts.  


Seal the parts and the tag into the bag by pulling off the blue glue backing strip folding over the flap and pushing down firmly to seal (If the parts are being stored very short term, please consider not using the adhesive strip and re-using the bag), then complete the form in the parts record book and store knowing that when the time comes to re-assemble the project you will know exactly what’s what and where it fits.  


The 50 bag kit consists of the following:

  • 20 size 1 peel and seal bags (125mm x 150mm)
  • 20 size 3 peel and seal bags (160mm x 225mm)
  • 10 size 5 peel and seal bags (210mm x 300mm)
  • 50 Indestructible oil and solvent proof labels
  • 1 parts record book

Your Project in the Bag

Bag use and recycling The adhesive strip used on our bags is designed for long-term storage of parts. If the bags are re-opened carefully  they can, and should  be re-used. Do not  place these bags in  general rubbish, please  dispose of them in a  plastics recycling bin.